Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A recipe, as a change of pace

I’ve been a bit serious lately, so here I offer a recipe that Ms T and I concocted last night.

First, I should mention that there’s almost always home-made flatbread dough in the freezer. It’s dead easy to make – yeast, water, salt, a little olive oil, and enough flour to make it into a dough – and it’s a great standby if there’s leftovers on a leg of lamb to deal with.

So, there was some dough in the freezer, and there were a few garlic-and-rosemary sausages in the fridge. Three aren’t enough sausages for a family that includes two teenage boys.

We squeezed out the mince from the sausages. That got browned off very lightly in a saucepan with a little oil, some capsicum, onion, garlic and diced tomato. Then the sausage was mixed in with the dough, and rolled out into rounds about a handspan across, and about 5mm thick.

These get cooked in the electric frypan – a light spray with olive oil and a fairly high heat.

While I was doing that, Ms T prepped some accompaniments – home-made hummus (easy, really), fried haloumi, baba ganoush and a green salad.

The boys went nuts for it. Which is always a nice endorsement.

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