Monday, August 06, 2012

Mars shot successful, while Google classifies kooks as “science”

Here’s an image to mull upon.

That’s the Google News Australia home-page “science” category at the moment. At the time, about 6pm AEST – several hours after the Mars Curiosity touched down (wow. Just wow.) – Google hadn’t got around to promoting that above the Olympics in Australia.

(A few minutes after Curiosity out-ranked the Olympics, it fell again. Either we’re depressing, or Google News is.)

Oddly, over on “Classic” view, it isn’t just the presentation that changes – so do the stories.

Yes, I realize that there’s a top-of-page section about Curiosity* - but why the hell is a group of acpoaclyptians (it’s a word now, OK?) classified as “Science” in the first place? (*Spelling – because Curiosity is an American venture)

There is absolutely, utterly, one-hundred-percent of number-twenty-seven nothing about that story that qualifies it as Science, except for the arcane mysteries of the Google ranking algorithm.

Oh well. We’re luckier than Americans, who right now aren’t being offered a Science category at all. What a depressing thought.

(By the way: it’s not some quirk of my Google News personalization. I haven’t yet bothered to personalize: no particular reason, I'm just lazy.)

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