Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Take one dead horse, one whip, and one empty space to fill...

This must be the nonscoop of the month ...
"Actors' union shouts 'cut' on digital film"

Wow, the Herald is up to the mark and racing ahead of time. This is one month old. Not a couple of days, or even a week.

To my knowledge, the story first emerged in the middle of March with a story on Boing Boing,

It then got discussed for a while on an Australian mailing list.

When it was beaten to death, it fortunately fell into the silty bottom of a Jurassic swamp, got covered by layers and layers of sediment, the calcium of the bones became mineralised, while the long and majestic march of geology created new rocks and mountains, seas dried and lands changed, and finally ...

... the story gets discovered, exhumed, and exhibited as "news" by the Herald; complete with the original Boing Boing angle intact, which says that the actor's union is standing in the way of progress (I'm not so sure about that line. I like free publication and freedom of creativity. I don't like new forms of contract, which is what the Creative Commons license is...).

(I ought to apologise for the long absence. Call it illness, exhaustion, or merely a crisis of motivation (ie, slacking), but the fingers haven't had any words in them of late. Things seem to be back again now, though...)

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