Monday, January 31, 2005

Diving Into the World of Blogging

This is merely the "hello world" of this blog.

Having complained for some years about the shortcomings of the IT press (after nearly 18 years as a participant), I was asked by a friend "So why not host a blog about it?"

Here's the blog. I'll know whether to thank the friend for the suggestion after I've found out how much effort is involved...

In the meantime, I would expect to come up with the first genuine post within a day or so.

The quick about me: I trained in electronics, but that was honestly in another age when "electronics" meant "analogue electronics". I swapped to journalism in the second half of the 1980s, first as a specialist in the electronics business (Electronics News in Sydney), and from there made a back-door entry into the IT media.

And there I stayed, in one form or another, with by far the greatest amount of time spent around telecommunications.

These days I'm an analyst; I still write as host of; and now am a blogger.

The views expressed on this blog will always be personal, and will never reflect any employer's opinions, nor will it reflect the interests of my various employers' businesses.